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Our dentists are registered at the Dental General Council of UK.

Dental Treatment Abroad

  • Are you thinking of getting a dental treatment abroad?
  • Do you want to combine your best dental treatment with your best vacation?
  • Do you wish to get an affordable dental implant procedure while enjoying your vacation?

We know that the decision to get a dental treatment abroad can be very worrisome. Of course, you should be wondering:

Where should I start? What country should I choose? What are the conditions of dental procedures? How affordable are the prices? Can I trust the dentist?

Well, there is no need to worry anymore.

Our goal is to achieve the smile you desire by offering you the best cost-effective dental treatments. We know its different coming from another country and would love for you to feel comfortable like its your own home. The best technology and facilities are waiting for you with painless & relaxing treatment to help you.

Dr Eduardo Crooke – Cosmetic dental expert specialized in Digital Zirconia Smile

Dr Eduardo Crooke is a leading expert in implantology with an impeccable reputation both in Spain and the UK. The latest techniques have lead our team to be specialist in Digital Zirconia Bridge over implants, the strongest and most natural looking material for long lasting results.

The digital work protocol applied to all his patients enables him to take a comprehensive approach  at each case in a 360 degree angle, understanding facial and dental needs, taking into consideration every detail that can affect the end result. From gum disease to boneless patients, Dr Eduardo Crooke has develop a solution for every complex case.

Registered in the Dental General Council in the UK and Malaga

Dr Eduardo Crooke has had exclusive dedication to the implantology field for 15 years. He is registered with the General Dental Council in the UK and runs a monthly clinic devoted exclusively to dental implants in Scotland, as well as his two clinics in Malaga and Marbella.

These clinics are a national and international point of reference and regularly attends courses to stay abreast of all the latest developments in implantology and reconstructive dentistry.

Free Consultation

Free consultation available. Free airport transfer and special packages on accommodation.

Free Transfers

Airport transfers (Arrival & Departure)
Hotel/Apartment transfers to and from the clinic

Accommodation Discount

2 nights / 3 days
Beautiful surroundings
Shopping, sightseeing and golf

Free Consultation & Scans

Free consultation with your dentist
Free CT scans worth €250.00

Full Mouth and Single Tooth Implants

We are specialized in full mouth rehabilitation through minimally invasive treatments in all the specialities. We also offer non-surgical dental implants allowing an improved post operative experience. Digital smile design creates and projects the new smile before any intervention and immediate loading, allowing fixed teeth during all of the process. We have our own dental laboratory, equipped whit the latest Cad/Cam technology, that allows pamper the quality of our treatment and greatly reduce the execution time, optimizing results and guaranteeing success and satisfaction to our patients.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

We offer a range of treatments including Veneers and Crowns. Our dentists are specialized in the best cosmetic treatments. We have our very own lab technicians with state of the art equipment. We work together to provide the best possible results and the smile you desire. We use our Digital Smile technique to prepare your project for you to see your projected final results before going ahead with any treatment.


Patient Reviews

"The dentist was amazingly good"

I lost a crown the week before I went to Spain and was left with just the root. I was quoted £1900 for an implant in the UK so as I was going to Spain I thought I would check out a clinic there. I arrived on the Monday evening, sent an email to WhatClinic, someone immediately rang me back and I was booked an appointment for the Wednesday afternoon. I was also quoted a price of €1300 all in, which did not change. When I went to the clinic I had a CT scan and the dentist confirmed that I could not have the root removed and implant placed straight away as the gap was too big. I asked if the root could be removed there and then and he did it about 10 minutes later. The dentist was amazingly good and wanted to make sure at all times that I was not suffering any pain. Surprisingly, I did not feel nervous although I was before I got there. The bone will settle for three months and then I can have the implant fitted with the tooth fitted a few months after that. I was charged 90 euro for the root extraction but that will be deducted from the cost of the implant.

I was extremely impressed. I was very nervous but was greeted by Tula, the sister of the Dentist and she put me straight at ease. The clinic was very bright and clean with amazing views over the port. I would strongly recommend, there was no hard sell and no variance in price. I had phoned a clinic in London which was offering a wowcher deal but the actual cost was much higher than the deal quoted.



"I could not get a more helpful person than this guy"

I broke a crown which I previously had an implant in England but I went to one or two clinics in England to see if they can replace the crown. To be honest they weren't very helpful. As I was going on holiday at the Marbella I browsed through the Internet and saw this Dental Clinic, which had good reviews. The guy gave me an X-ray told and explained the procedure to me. I agreed and got an implant and two crowns the following day.

I found the clinic very helpful. Any questions I had were answered after the X-ray they gave me. A price for an implant with a crown and a crown which had already broken which the cost of the procedure was £1,800 instead of going back to Marbella to get the Crown put on after three months he also has a clinic in Edinburgh. I could not get a more helpful person than this guy. Fully recommended.



"The treatment was carried out with no fuss and no pain"

I had a broken front tooth which was past the point of saving, and hence, an implant was required. I hesitated about going abroad for treatment, but the prices being quoted in my area were absurd, and they all (two) wanted to add treatment which was nothing to do with the implant, but it did add an additional £5/600 to the bill. I subsequently researched implants on the internet, and eventually decided upon this clinic. My only regret; why did it take me so long to decide.

The clinic and staff were excellent, friendly, and professional. The treatment was carried out with no fuss and no pain. I am looking forward to going back in June and having the treatment completed. I may arrange to go and have an annual check-up for the general dentistry. After all, the clinic is excellent, and Malaga is not a bad place to spend a few days away from our cold and wet weather.



"Stress-free and painless wisdom tooth extraction"

I had a complicated wisdom tooth extraction at this clinic. My dentists made the procedure stress-free and painless. They were absolutely lovely, spoke perfect English, and were very reassuring and empathetic. The treatment was done within half an hour, and I felt it was extremely good value! Costs were broken down and provided to me as a quote prior to the extraction. I was not charged for my initial consultation.

Fantastic customer service too! The team were caring and patient with my lack of Spanish speaking skills. They made sure I understood what was going on, and my after-care instructions. The clinic itself is easy to find, clean, and bright. Appointments moved along efficiently, they were organised and professional. I would highly recommend Crook and Laguna!




Absolutely brilliant, smashing people. They took great care and will be using for all my dental treatment in future.



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