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We always offer cutting edge treatments with full warranty. We have private waiting rooms for special patients, a surgical area for recovery.

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Why not combine your treatment with a short break and relax before and/or after it! Known simply as the “Costa del Golf”, this area of Southern Spain is world-famous for its sheer volume of impressive golf courses.

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We are experts in complex cases such as full mouth reconstruction over natural teeth and dental implants.

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Visit us by car, boat or plane and enjoy beautiful surroundings while you receive your dental treatment.

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Visit us by car, boat or plane and enjoy beautiful surroundings while you receive your dental treatment.

Relax and Recover

Visit us by car, boat or plane and enjoy beautiful surroundings while you receive your dental treatment.

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Come to visit us and you can get advantage of:

  • Free transfer from your hotel to the clinic
  • Free dental scan and computer dental study.
  • Free personalised quotation with different payment options available.

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Full mouth rehabilitation

We are specialized in full mouth rehabilitation through minimally invasive treatments in all the specialities. We also offer non-surgical dental implants allowing an improved post operative experience. Digital smile design creates and projects the new smile before any intervention and immediate loading, allowing fixed teeth during all of the process. We have our own dental laboratory, equipped whit the latest Cad/Cam technology, that allows pamper the quality of our treatment and greatly reduce the execution time, optimizing results and guaranteeing success and satisfaction to our patients.

Modern offices with all the latest technology!

Crooke Clinic has created a method of working that puts an end to these obstacles. Our structure and method involves:

A special place to spend time and receive care where professionals take care of all the details for you to have the best of today´s dentistry.

Crooke Clinic has prepared a whole protocol workflow specially prepared to suit foreign patients.

Crooke Clinic clinic is equipped with the latest and most modern digital technologies which allow us to make a full diagnosis and treatment immediately

We have 4 clinics in Malaga, Spain

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2 easy steps to your new smile

Step 1 (3 hours)

Visit &Temporary Teeth

The first step/appointment would involve the diagnosis which requires a ct-scan to study the quantity and quality of the remaining bone, we would take some photographs to study and analyze every detail and some impressions of your teeth to pre-design in the laboratory the new smile (aesthetics and function).

  • Free transfer from your hotel to the clinic
  • Visit installations
  • Make CT-Scan (3D dimension images)
  • Photographic case study taken
  • Impressions taken from your mouth
  • Computer Study Implant
  • Quotation with payment plan

Implants Placement (15-60 minutes).

If we are able to place the implants after the study we can do it the very same day. So total process from visiting to our clinic to place your implants it could be done in 3 hours.

Step 2 (3-5 days)

Final Teeth


We would place the provisionals and within 24 hours we give you your temporary teeth which previously we have chosen between your photographic case study and the type of teeth the patient desires.

Final teeth, in these step we normally use the digital smile design where through our computer choose which are the best options for your face shape and bite. It is recommended to wait at least three months for the bone to osseointegrate around the implant/s and after this period we arrange the appointment to place the final prosthesis over implants, which would involve from 1 up to 3 visits within one week or 10 days depending of the amount of implants placed.

What our customers have to say

An Incredible Dental Team

Having lost a crown I emailed the clinic who responded promptly and scheduled me immediately. After identifying the issues, making molds and brilliant plan the clinic scheduled follow-up appointment during which the team, consisting of dentist, oral surgeon and periodontist, removed broken bridge, inserted two implants, acellular dermal matrix gin.



Fantastic experience

Usually I don’t bother leaving reviews BUT I had to on this occasion because of the fantastic experience and treatment I received from Crooke and Laguna! I am from London and found the clinics here to be 1) very expensive and 2) have a bad ‘take it or leave it’ attitude. So after speaking to a friend who recommended C&L .



This is the place for me!

If you want five star dental treatment this is the clinic to use. I had six lower case implants fitted by very professional dentist in a very modern surgery equipped with the very latest technology. It was as painless as possible and three hours later I left with temporary teeth fitted. I cannot recommend this practice highly enough to anybody…



Exceeded all expectations

I am so pleased with my dental results .It has been a great experience.The staff here are incredible, very professional and efficient in their work. Also it was important for me that they spoke English.



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