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Your dental Clinic of trust in Spain

In Crooke Dental Clinics we are experts in full mouth restoration with dental implants, with clinics in Malaga, Marbella, Campo de Gibraltar and Alicante. We have a specialized team, dedicated in different areas, from implantology to dental aesthetics, periodontics and orthodontics.

Search for innovation in dentistry.

Experienced and specialized staff.

Application of 3StepSmiles™ technique.


Our history in numbers

We have an interdisciplinary team of dentists and several dental clinics in Malaga, Marbella, Campo Gibraltar, Alicante and in the United Kingdom. Our director, Dr. Eduardo Crooke González de Aguilar, is an international benchmark in advanced surgery with more than 15 years of experience.

Clinics in Spain

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Why to choose dental care abroad?

Competitive prices

Our dental practice in Spain offers better prices than other countries without compromising high-quality standards.

Highly qualified staff

At Crooke Dental Clinic we are proud to have a multidisciplinary team, with great work experience and highly qualified.

Idyllic destination

Spain, in general, and Malaga in particular is known for its coasts, spectacular climate, good gastronomy and cultural heritage, it is a tourist destination of great interest.

Our patients tell their story

Some of our patients have wanted to leave a recorded testimony of their experience with our dental clinic, thanks to them you can get an idea of ​​what to expect from treatment in our clinics.

In this section we share their testimonies, discover in them how in three simple steps your life can change. Thanks to their treatment at Crooke Clinics they have seen an improvement in their quality of life!

3StepSmiles ™ Methodology

Innovation is one of the values ​​that represent us, at Crooke we are up to date with the latest technologies and we always seek to improve. This is reflected in our 3StepSmiles™ work methodology based on digitizing treatments.

1.  Planning

We will collect information and study your case, we carry out meticulous planning to avoid setbacks.

2. Execution of the treatment

We are up to date with the latest technologies so your treatment will be carried out in the most comfortable and effective way possible, our priority is your well-being.

3. The final smile

Once your treatment is finished, a review will be made and the final result will be verified, you will enjoy an ideal smile in Marbella, Campo Gibraltar or Alicante.



Real patient cases

We give you the possibility to study your case with a free first visit or through images of your smile, and we will make you the best proposal so that you never stop smiling!

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We encourage you to ask for a free quote to obtain all the information you need on any treatment. We can help provide options available to your case and suggest the best solutions for you. Our qualified multilingual staff is ready to contact you anytime