Beautiful beaches

Taste seafood like never before

Play golf in a great setting

A place with great night life!

What to do in Marbella during your dental holiday

Marbella is situated between Malaga capital and Gibraltar with over 40 kms of coastline and 3000 hours of sunshine a year. Besides the usual Andalucian events you can enjoy a variety of festivals like Marbella Reggae and the Film Festival. It has multiple museums of great quality for the culture seekers.


The old Castle fortress

Situated in the historic part of the town it is the last trace of the muslic culture in town with 10 towers. An excellent must seen in your visit to Marbella.


Encarnation’s Church

Oldest and largest church in Marbella that is place for the most important organ of Spain since 1975.

You can discover Marbella with day hikes, walk through the deep valleys, green hills and rock formations learning about the history. Along the way you can go for tapas. Marbella´s tipical cuisine is seafood and dry fish, but it also offers international and nouvelle foods


The bonsai Museum

The only one in Spain. Beautiful speciments of this plant in a great setting, some of them older than 400 years.

Historical centre

Beautifully preserved with tipically Andalucian narrow white streets. Home for the Oange Square or the Correa House.


There are several tours you can make during your time in Marbella. The wine tour is an excellent opportunity to discover the region´s wine products and to learn the know how under an oak tree. The olive oil tour will take you to the best gourment shops in the old town of Marbella as well as having the opportunity to learn the different production processes.


Puerto Banús

This is the setting for expensive shops and restaurants, yatchs and exotic cars owned by celebrities



Las bóvedas

It is a roman thermal building very complex architecturally that has withstand the time.

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