About us

Our professional career is based on two principal pillars: innovation and excellence. This is what drives us to always get the best result.

Health is always reflected on how you feel and how others perceive you. And this shows up when you are happy and satisfied with your smile. We will always provide you with the best solutions and the latest techniques and knowledge.

Your final smile result is our main goal. However, we like to enjoy the process and we care that you do too. That is why we count on an extraordinary team who will support you in every step of the way. It is important to us for you to feel comfortable.


We have the best human team, each of them specialized in different areas to solve every case with all the knowledge and experience.


We love being updated with the latest technologies in oral rehabilitation. This reflects in our methodology of working which is 100% digital. We have our own lab, machines and devices to plan each case and accomplish every treatment.


Because we always believe that beauty and health hold hands. A healthy mouth causes a patient to feel well about themselves. If we also add to that a good aesthetic result it’s the perfect combination for a good self-esteem.

Quality staff

We have a quality team from patient care through our auxiliary staff as all our specialists. It is worth mentioning our director Dr Eduardo Crooke, he is a leading expert in implantology with an impeccable reputation both in Spain and the UK.

The digital work protocol applied to all his patients enables him to take a comprehensive approach at each case in a 360 degree angle, understanding facial and dental needs, taking into consideration every detail that can affect the end result. From gum disease to boneless patients, Dr Eduardo Crooke has developed a solution for every complex case.


Our Technology

We have state of the art systems and equipment as well as our own on site lab. Our digital technologies allow us to ensure our patients receive the best possible treatment under the most comfortable of circumstances.

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We encourage you to ask for a free quote to obtain all the information you need on any treatment. We can help provide options available to your case and suggest the best solutions for you. Our qualified multilingual staff is ready to contact you anytime