Dr. Eduardo Crooke

Medical director and expert in dental implants

Pioneer and innovative

Our Director, Dr. Eduardo Crooke with more than 20 years of exclusive experience in oral rehabilitation, is an expert in implantology and oral surgery. His trajectory has been characterized by a continuous commitment to innovation, research and development, putting the greatest technological advances at the service of the patient.

This desire to improve and his constant training in new surgical techniques have led him to become a benchmark in complex oral rehabilitation in patients with serious bone loss.

Academic achievements

Graduated in dentistry from the European University of Madrid in 2002 and graduated in implantology from the University of Göteborg in 2003.

Training and research

Dr. Crooke is tutor of advanced surgery and prosthetics and director of Crooke academy in Marbella. He has developed the 3Stepsmiles ™ methodology and Teeth WOW rehabilitation.

Fields of expertise

Dr. Crooke is a benchmark in the field of dental implantology specialized in complicated cases with severe bone loss, he also stands out in other fields such as dental cosmetics.


His merits have been awarded up to 3 times with gold medals by the College of Dentistry of Malaga, for his scientific merits and innovation.


He has been a member of the scientific committee of the dental school until 2018, and was president of Sepes during 2014.


Dr. Crooke is an expert in guided and navigated surgery, implant restorations of all kinds, bone regeneration, digital smile design, and the use of RPGF plasma.

The day to day of Dr. Crooke

Career path & creations

Dr. Crooke graduated in dentistry in Madrid in 2000 and in implantology in Göteborg. He has dedicated his professional career to the practice of dental implants and aesthetic restorations. Currently, it has several specialized dental clinics in Spain and the United Kingdom.

The passion and commitment to his work have resulted in the creation of the 3Stepsmiles ™ digital work methodology and the “Teeth WOW” rehabilitation where the acquired knowledge, digital dentistry and the research and development of new, more biocompatible and safe materials are combined for an excellent patient service.

  Search for innovation in dentistry.

Creation of 3StepSmiles ™ methodology.

TeethWOW rehabilitation development.

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