Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Mar 15, 2018 | Dental Implant Guided Surgery, Dental Implants

The key of this technique are the sophisticated radiographic techniques combined with computer technology to enable precise surgical placement of the implants. Detailed 3D imaging allows to accurately assess bone structure, map out the areas of bone integrity, decide the exact position of implants and even create a permanent prosthesis prior to the dental implant surgery.

Since the implants fit exactly into the surgical sites prepared for them, there is little healing time required for the bone to fill in the gap. Implants are ready for immediate function and the restorations can be loaded right away without waiting times (immediate load implants)

With Teeth-in-an-hour the process is completed in about one hour and the patient leaves with their final teeth at the end of the appointment.

The diagnostic functions planning and implementation allow us full control of processing parameters. We can select the optimum position of the implant. Biomechanical functional and aesthetic needs as well as the quantity and quality of bone and the selected location, are fully integrated in the process of making a decision.

It is the fastest and most effective system for dental implants. With this technique,making implants is much faster and easier for the patient, who must not suffer a prolonged postoperative and will see how in just 24 hours they will be able to have a normal life without discomfort or scarring.

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