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When it comes to having dental work done, there are many reasons why dental tourism is becoming increasingly popular. One of these reasons being that the clinics abroad appear to be fitted with the latest equipment and state of the art facilities.

As well as this, Dental Treatment Abroad makes no compromise to hygienic standards, in fact, some people would say that the standards abroad, exceed those within the UK!

Why Dental Treatment Abroad?

Within the human mouth, there are hard and soft tissues, as well as connective tissues. Hard tissues include the teeth and the jawbone whilst the soft tissues refer to the lips, inner cheek, tongue and gums. The connective tissues are used to hold the teeth and other structures in place securely.

All of these systems need to work harmoniously if they are to warrant healthy function and to prevent any compromises to oral health.

Looking to have dental work done for a fraction of the cost? You can not go wrong with Dental Treatment Abroad, simply grab your passport, catch a flight and fly back home with your freshly topped-up tan and brand new smile. When considering Dental Treatment Abroad, you need to be prepared and do your research; make sure that you have all your questions answered before making the decision.

Our Clinic in Marbella

Finding a dentist that you can trust is standard protocol. Here at Crooke Dental Clinic, we provide a complete range of treatments and follow careful procedures to ensure that they are carried out with utmost care. We make sure that when patients travel for Dental Treatment Abroad, they are made to feel welcome and provided with treatment that is personalised.

We utilise the latest materials and equipment for implant treatments to ensure that procedures are carried out safely and quickly, essentially reducing the time that patients need to spend in the chair.

Here are the dental treatments that we offer at Crooke Dental Clinic:

Dental Implants

Often, the most common procedure for replacing teeth is dental implants. These are used to replicate teeth from the root to the crown and eliminate the appearance of gapped teeth. The bone in the jaw is used to determine whether dental implants are suitable but if there is insufficient bone available in the gum, our dental professionals at Crooke Dental Clinics can assess the situation to make sure that you receive the appropriate dental treatment.

Here at Crooke Dental Clinic, we specialise in Full Arch Implants, Boneless Implants, Bridge Implants and Single Tooth Implants.

Digital Zirconia Smile

When it comes to Dental Treatment Abroad, we can help you to achieve your dream smile in as little as two appointments. The Digital Zirconia Smile is an innovative treatment that we provide for patients from overseas. Here at our state of the art clinic, we use only the most advanced digital equipment to improve the smile of patients.

Often Digital Zirconia Smile is seen as a new method of dentistry that uses CAD CAM precision technology. The Zirconia implants are more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional implants and are much less harmful.

Facial Aesthetics Treatments

Aiming to provide all patients with rapid recovery, we offer Facial Aesthetic Treatments to ensure that tissue heals and that inflammation is reduced. We can discuss your cosmetic requirements in further detail today to identify the best course of action and to make sure that you receive the right treatment in order to provide you with the very best results.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

The Full Mouth Reconstruction is the procedure that we use to replace teeth that are missing or damaged. In addition to this, we offer the Full Mouth Reconstruction to deal with faulty bites, allowing you to eat, smile, talk and laugh in confidence.

We provide the dental reconstruction for patients who have lost bone from the upper or lower arch of the jaw.

Gum Disease Treatments

Offering Dental Treatment Abroad, Crooke Dental Clinic can help you to treat gum disease or prevent it from worsening. The treatment that we provide is suitable for all stages, whether it be Gingivitis, Periodontitis or Advanced Periodontitis.

With Gum Disease, the signs aren’t always clear and this can lead to tooth loss or various other health problems if they aren’t detected soon enough. We provide Gum Disease Treatment to prevent serious consequences later on in life, allowing you to smile with your teeth more often!

New Guided Veneers

Rectifying dental defects doesn’t necessarily need to be difficult; not when we offer Dental Treatment Abroad! New Guided Veneers are designed to replicate the look and feel of natural teeth, providing a certain likeness to the natural enamel.

This is just one of the minimally invasive procedures that we specialise in at Crooke Dental Clinic, enabling you to improve the appearance of your teeth, whether it be to reshape them or to whiten them.

If you’re looking for veneers and fast- we have just the solution for you! We provide One-Day Veneers to make teeth look symmetrical. We place between 6 and 10 veneers in an arch and make sure that the tray fits perfectly inside the mouth.

This process can save you and the dentist time, achieving the smile that you’ve always dreamed of, sooner!

Is Dental Treatment Abroad right for you? Call us on 0034 627 527 005 to find out for yourself today!

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