Digital dentistry

Dec 29, 2017 | Dental Treatments

Digital dentistry is a software system that encompasses all the technology of our clinics and it’s applied to all the areas, from diagnostics to the design of prosthesis. It allows us to obtain a three-dimensional image of the patient where we can see all the factors that affect the smile.

Digital dentistry offers the possibility to combine all these characteristics of the patient in a single image.

In the smile not only the teeth count, but other specialties of dentistry, such as surgery, orthodontics or periodontics. To carry out a treatment, different specialists are needed to achieve that natural smile that we all seek.

For the patient this means, speed, efficiency, safety, comfort and long-lasting treatments. In addition to improving communication between the doctor and the patient as it is possible to show the final result before starting the treatment so the patient can participate in the design of their own smile.

It is suitable for all fields of dentistry, from implant placement, to orthodontics to the design of prosthesis, with digital dentistry the uncomfortable casts and models are not needed; now digital measurements can be taken. The prostheses are now made in 3D printers with CAD / CAM technology, accurate to these digitized models. As you see, much more comfortable, effective and precise.

Digital dentistry also includes computer-guided surgery. A 3D simulation of dental implant placement which is minimally invasive and very precise.

Digital information presents many advantages. They can be accessed from any of our clinics in Malaga, Marbella, Fuengirola or Churriana. The infrastructure that surrounds our data management offers comfort to the patient and allows the collaboration of specialists in any regional point. It also allows us to solve any problem very quickly. If a patient has had an accident with his teeth, being all digitized, we can repeat the process very quickly. This offers peace of mind to the patient.


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