Cosmetic Dental Treatments

Digital Smile allows you to see your projected final results before going ahead with any treatment.

One Day Veneers

This technique involves placing the veneers in a dental arch which allows us to fit 6 to 10 veneers at once. The fit is perfect when the tray is inserted. Contrary to traditional veneers, which are attached to the teeth one by one, one day veneers process translates into an enormous time saving for the dentist and for the patient.

10 veneers can be placed in less than 60 mins and in just 2 visits, perfect for the Hollywood smile you have always wanted!


They are ultra-thin just like contact lenses, which means they do not require grinding down of the original teeth. They are highly translucent so they replicate the natural appearance of your enamel.

This procedure is completely pain-free and minimally invasive; there is no post placement discomfort or sensitivity. It is the perfect solution to reshape and permanently whiten your teeth. It is mostly used for people that do not want to go through orthodontics time intensive process always after an evaluation by your dentist.

Veneers are a long lasting solution that has been improving smiles over 30 years, many celebrities have used them but you´d never know because they look so naturally beautiful. The procedure is totally reversible; your natural teeth are still intact and strong. You must, however, continue to have a good hygiene and check-ups.

Facial Aesthetics Treatment

At Dental Treatment in Spain we work with the latest technique for minimally invasive surgery and fast recovery of our patients.

There are many advantages of plasma treatment in during surgery for your dental implants:

  • Helps tissue healing.
  •  Less inflammation.
  • No rejection or allergies as it is from the patient´s blood

We use this same treatment to soften and reduce wrinkles or reduce the appearance of blemishes and unsightly veins. As with our dental treatments, a specialist will discuss your cosmetic needs at your initial consultation. From there they will recommend the best course of treatment for you, giving you a clear idea of what the procedure involves and the expected results.

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

At Dental Treatment In Spain we have incorporated the concept of Digital SmileDesign (DSD). The DSD is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding patient, who can preview the treatment that we are going to make in his mouth and suggest the desired modifications.

An interdisciplinary team of professionals is essential for the success of the treatment. The ideal aesthetic result depends on team work, collaborating with the different specialties according to the needs of each case.

Diagnostic data should guide the subsequent phases of the treatment and incorporate all the needs, desires and functional and biological aspects of the patient in an aesthetic treatment design. Digital SmileDesign improves communication between dentist and patient.

Digital SmileDesign or DSD allows careful analysis, through photographs and video, of the patient’s facial and dental characteristics. With the records taken, we can understand the relationship of the moving face, lips, teeth and gums. By improving the appearance of the smile through digital recontouring, it is possible to transfer this information to the patient’s mouth.

DSD Advantages:

  • Study in depth of all the details to correct.
  • Custom design of the size and dental shape most suitable for the patient.
  • Better communication between the work team for a complete planning.
  • Project preview to properly guide the treatment

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