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When one or more teeth are missing, dental implants are often seen to be the perfect solution. Choosing Crooke Dental Clinic in Spain is guaranteed to provide you with the best quality aesthetic results with maximum functionality in just one day. 


For your dental implant procedure, we use Nobel Biocare implants which are engineered for stability and early tissue integration and are optimized for immediate placement and function. We also offer computer-guided and navigated, minimally invasive surgery allowing an improved postoperative experience and healing period. And to make sure you will love the final results, with our Digital Smile Design we create and projects the new smile before any intervention.


Dental Implant Treatments

The type of implant will depend on the complexity of each case. There are a lot of variants to take into consideration when you have to think about dental implants, such as bone density, number of missing teeth, condition of the remaining ones, pathologies the person may have.

Single Implant

This is the perfect implant for people that may have lost not many teeth and the problem can be fixed using unitary implants which can be combined with crowns in case you have two or three holes together.


Full Mouth

These cases are more complex, as they are cases where many teeth have been lost. This triggers bone loss in extreme cases, due to the person spending a large amount of time without teeth.


Bone Loss

They are one of the longest implants that are normally used in the mouth (around 45-55 mm versus the conventional 10 to 15 mm) and are placed as conventional anchored implants but slightly up, in the zygomatic bone.



Single Implant

Dental implants are great for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant is where a titanium screw is inserted into the jaw to replace a missing tooth, teeth can often be lost as a result of tooth decay, infection, gum disease or trauma. A solitary implant is the best choice for you when you have lost one tooth and if it is an anterior tooth (Incisors & Canine Teeth) we will perform Tissue Graft in order to maintain and preserve the gum volume for better aesthetics.

There are even some cases when just one implant can be the best solution to replace two missing teeth. We also work with Straumann ceramic implants which are 100% metal free. This allows them to be more biocompatible and aesthetically in a natural way.

Bridge Implant

Bridge implant treatments are ideal for patients who are looking to replace several missing teeth. When it comes to replacing missing teeth in a row, the bridge implant treatments that we provide are guaranteed to provide you with a stable alternative to dentures. For example, if you were missing three teeth together, the best solution is to place two implants alongside a three teeth bridge.

This is a good option when there is enough bone density as it allows the replacement of more than one tooth.


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