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Dental Implants Abroad

What is an implant?

An implant is a prefabricated titanium root which is placed where there are no teeth. It replaces the natural tooth root. An implant is a long lasting solution to missing teeth that can transform your smile into the one you always wanted. It formed by a prefabricated titanium root, which is placed where there are no teeth. It replaces the natural tooth root.

It is important to replace even single missing teeth as bigger problems can arise in future. Dental Implants vs dentures fixed bridges.

What happen if we don't choose dental implant option?

Your teeth work together as partners, your other teeth can make in response to changes in the mouth including missing teeth. For example, your large molars in the back can tip forward into an implant space - when you wait too long to get a dental implant, there might not be adequate space for the new tooth. Also the opposing tooth without a partner, can over erupt out of your arch and cause issues with your bite. Your adjacent teeth begin to shift it's a gradual process, but it starts immediately after you lose a tooth.

Full Arch Implants

This treatment consists of the placement of 6 to 10 implants, both for the upper and lower arches (ALL ON SIX / ALL ON SIX PLUS). In this way, the definitive prosthesis, when possible, will be done in sections to reduce tensions and improve the distribution of forces. This prosthesis will be performed:

By system (CAD / CAM) with an internal structure of titanium or zirconium. Coated by porcelain, which has the advantage of not dying with the passage of time, less wear of the prosthesis, greater aesthetics and greater biocompatibility.

Boneless Implants

We consider short implants to be those equal to or less than 8mm. We place them in areas where there is a lack of bone. Its use is conditioned to the anatomy of the patient, when due to bone resorption, we cannot place implants of a regular size (10 mm or more). We can, therefore, avoid grafts and possible complications, mainly damage of sensitive anatomical structures (nerves, sinuses, etc…)

Bridge Implants

Depending on the bone, which we will see when doing the CT scan and the area that needs to be rehabilitated, it will be possible to place fewer implants to fill in the missing teeth. When there is enough bone two long implants are used to replace 3 missing teeth.

For example, in the anterior (incisor and canine) areas, two implants can be used to replace three or four teeth. However, in the posterior (molar) areas, which has the most mastication force, a greater number of implants are preferabley used. For example, three implants for four teeth or three implants for three teeth, always taking into account the available length and bone volume.


Single Tooth Implants

When we are missing a single tooth the best option is to place a dental implant as it helps maintains the bone. We do not touch the neighboring teeth that is next to the missing tooth and it is easier to clean than a standard conventional bridge.

Why Choose Dental Implants Abroad?

When teeth are missing, dental implants abroad are often seen to be the perfect solution and is it any surprise when the costs are much lower?

Dental tourism is on the increase- it’s no longer just an option for the rich and famous! As a result of dental implants abroad being more affordable, this can encourage Brits who are in need of dental implants, to achieve their celebrity smile with the help of Dental Clinic Crooke Laguna!

Dental implants Spain

If you’re considering dental implants Spain, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing dental implants Spain is guaranteed to provide you with the best quality aesthetic results and will provide maximum functionality.

The cost of dental implants Spain is an attractive alternative for dental work, providing you with countless benefits. One of the main advantages of dental implants Spain is that there are massive cost savings to be had and usually you only need 2-3 appointments, spread out over the course of 12 months!

Dental implants Marbella

We are experts in the field of cosmetic dentistry, so when it comes to dental implants Marbella, we can help you to rectify any dental defects that are stopping you from smiling with your teeth.

With dental implants Marbella, we make sure that each of our patients receives the best treatment and quality of care possible. As well as this, we provide patients who choose dental implants Marbella with personalised treatment, ensuring that they achieve the results that they’re looking for.

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