Single & Bridge Implant Treatments

1 Missing Tooth – 1 Implant

Unitary Dental Implant is the best choice for you, when you have lost one dental piece. If the tooth that you have lost is an Anterior Tooth (lncisiors & Canine Teeth) we will perform Tissue Graft in order to maintain and preserve the volume for better aesthetics.

2 Missing Teeth – 1 Implant

There are some cases when just one implant can be the best solution to replace two missing teeth

2 Missing Teeth – 2 Implants

It is a very simple procedure to replace one or two molar teeth with dental implants – far easier than an extraction, and far less uncomfortable. It is truly the only long term solution to losing a tooth.

3 Missing Teeth – 2 Implants

This is good treatment option when there is enough bone density as it allows the replacement of more than one teeth. Two long implants will be placed alongside a three teeth bridge.

3 Missing Teeth – 3 Implants

This option is recommended for patients with some bone density to avoid bone graft. Three short implants and a three teeth bridge will be placed.

4 Missing Teeth – 2 Implants

This is the best option when the patient has lost 4 anterior teeth (incisive).

4 Missing Teeth – 3 Implants

Unlike the anterior are, four missing teeth in the posterior region require three implants and four crowns to maximise chewing forces.

Single & Bridge Implant Treatments

Dental implants are great for replacing missing teeth. A dental implant is where a titanium screw is inserted into the jaw to replace a missing tooth. We provide a wide range of dental implant treatments, including the single and bridge implant treatments, which can secure dentures and bridges reliably.

With there being so many different reasons for losing teeth, we provide single implant treatments and bridge implant treatments to allow you to restore the look and feel of your teeth.

Teeth can often be lost as a result of tooth decay, infection, gum disease or trauma, however, they can sometimes be removed due to impact.

Our single implant treatments are ideal if you’re looking to replace one missing tooth; they offer a secure replacement and allow you to eat, smile and talk with confidence. With the single implant treatments, the titanium screw is placed into the jawbone and acts as the root replacement.

Any of our single implant treatments are carried out by professional dentists and can be completed under local anaesthetic.

On the other hand, bridge implant treatments are ideal for patients who are looking to replace several missing teeth. When it comes to replacing missing teeth in a row, the bridge implant treatments that we provide are guaranteed to provide you with a stable alternative to dentures.

We tend to provide the bridge implant treatments for patients who have teeth missing, teeth that are loose or decaying. The duration of bridge implant treatments can vary depending on the individual case, hence we provide all patients with treatment that is personalised.

Depending on how many teeth you have missing, whether it be 1, 2 or 3, we can offer single implant treatments or bridge implant treatments to ensure that you improve the function and appearance of your teeth.

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