Our Technology

We have state of the art systems and equipment as well as our own on site lab

Our digital technologies allow us to ensure our patients receive the best possible treatment under the most comfortable of circumstances.

Optical Scanners

We use optical scanners to provide a digital map of the teeth, as well as to create a digital impression of the tooth’s anatomy. Digital color maps help ensure accurate color analysis for determining the shade and custom characterizations of cosmetic restorations. Digital impressions offer patients the convenience of not having to suffer through traditional impressions involving unpleasant tasting materials, bulky and cumbersome trays and possible gagging.

Cone Beam CT

This gives us a 3D image of a patient’s oral or maxillofacial anatomy. It is the basis for our implant surgical guides that we use  when placing dental implants. Such pre-surgical imaging techniques have made implant placement easier and more predictable, which helps ensure greater treatment success.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiographs capture dental images through a sensor that processes the image onto a computer screen. Digital X-rays provide greater comfort than traditional X-rays and reduce radiation exposure (four digital radiographs equal one “film” X-ray). Additionally, digital radiographs allow dentists to magnify images for greater diagnostic accuracy, ensuring more timely and appropriate treatments.

Intra-Oral Camera

Intra-oral cameras can produce accurate images of your teeth and the supporting structures. This allows us and our dental technicians to see tooth defects and to understand the need for the recommended treatment. Intra-oral cameras also help you to learn more about dental hygiene practices, including where to focus on brushing your teeth.

Dental Lasers

For hard tooth structure, soft gum tissue or both, dental lasers simplify procedures that once were complex and sometimes required patients to undergo painful healing periods. Causing less bleeding and trauma to surrounding areas, soft tissue lasers are a precision tool for many gingival procedures – such as recontouring and periodontal.


CAD/CAM technology enables dental restorations to be fabricated using computerized milling technology. Our in-office CAD/CAM allows to perform same-day tooth restorations that would otherwise require two or more visits to complete.

Laser Teeth Whitening

This is the most advanced teeth whitening treatment available. A strong bleaching gel is applied to each tooth, and heat generated by a laser enhances its effectiveness while ultimately speeding up the process. This procedure uses a strong bleaching gel that the laser activates and enhances for quick, dramatic results.

TekScan (T-Scan)

A computer that uses an ultra-thin electronic sensor to digitally evaluate a patient’s bite relationships.

Plasma Rich in Growth Factor

PRGF (Plasma Rich in Growth Factor) helps to reduce the swelling, discomfort and increases healing time; making an implant treatment plan a more attractive option. PRGF is a protein concentrate that is created after the centrifugation of the patients’ own blood, creating a concentrate of growth factors and platelets that theoretically accelerate healing.

Photo Session

Using our digital workflow we capture the patients smile before ,during the treatment and afterwards to show the evolution of the process.

The patients desired results can be discussed with the dentist to ensure you get the smile you have always wanted

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