Transparency in all our Clinics

We want you to feel comfortable, both physically and financially when starting a dental treatment with us.

Our prices consider standard procedures. Additional costs, whether optional or due to special conditions, will always be informed in advance.

To have an accurate estimate, a CBCT Scan will be needed. You can send us your scan or have one on arrival in any of our clinics.

Much more than just numbers

Key Factors when choosing your dental centre:


Reliable Diagnosis

Low-Radiation CT Scan and Intraoral 3D scanner, plus 100% Digital Planning to perform precise surgery.


Fast Recovery

Plasma Rich in Growth Factor (PFGF) accelerates the regeneration and production of new cells, reducing swelling and the risk of infection.

Great Results

20+ years of experience in complex cases and shared knowledge among dental centres in Glasgow, Liverpool, Marbella, Alicante, and others.

Full Restoration Prices

New All on 4

One arch € 9.990

Both archs
€ 18.990

Exceptionally lightweight and highly biocompatible, Peek prosthesis uses PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) to improve its aesthetics.

Our New All on 4 uses custom-made teeth prostheses instead of default pre-fabricated resin teeth.

Designed to last several years, it is an affordable solution for fixed teeth in a day.

Full Mouth Zirconia

One arch € 12.490

Both archs
€ 21.990

Zirconia is the best material to obtain a tooth-like appearance.

Higher density than Peek, superior durability and three times stronger than porcelain, Zirconia tolerates mastication and bruxism forces without chipping.

Subject to your bone volume, a monolithic (solid) or layered Zirconia, both custom-made prostheses, will be advised.

Segmented Prostheses

One arch € 14.990

Both archs
€ 24.990

Three to four independent Zirconia prostheses are placed on eight implants.

Natural bone movement and growth remain flexible and unblocked. Thus, the stress during the bite is distributed appropriately.

The evolution of each section is evaluated separately, with only partial replacement if needed.

Full Mouth Veneers Prices

Shape up your Smile!

20 veneers for 14.490€

10 veneers upper arch + 10 veneers lower arch

Minimal Carving

Digitally made veneers



Accurate Diagnosis

with CBCT Scan

To evaluate your case we will use scans, panoramic x-rays and digital impressions.

The dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, x-rays and assess your overall oral health. From this instance, we can make proper diagnoses and bring you the best solutions.

We use technology to identify the best, quicker and effective solution. Results will then be predictable and precise.


Quick and Speedy process

Predictable Results

Conscious Intravenous Sedation

Conscious intravenous sedation applies for all our surgeries in dental implant full mouth treatments.It is a very safe procedure and should always be administered and monitored by an anesthesiologist.

The patient will still respond to physical stimuli but does not feel pain. Especially indicated for patients with deep fear or anxiety about surgical procedures.

Price for Conscious Intraveneous Sedation is 600€.

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