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Ask For A Second Opinion

Dr. Eduardo Crooke will review your scans to assess complex cases with the upmost confidentiality.

Second Opinion

This is about that you can make specific consultations and send us your diagnostic tests ( CBCT-SCANS ). Dr. Eduardo Crooke  undertakes to study them thoroughly and send you a report with a diagnosis and a specific treatment proposal. Of course, with the utmost confidentiality and without any compromise.

This medium is interesting especially to solve complex cases, complications derived from difficult cases of periodontitis ,  previous failed surgeries or difficult diagnoses with unclear opinions of other implantologist or peridotist.

  1. Simply enter the WeTransfer website ( which is a free system for transmitting very large files.
  2. A frame appears in the left margin of the screen. (see image example)
  3. At the top you can insert the file you want to send.
  4. Then insert the email of dental treatment in Spain  (
  5. Insert your own email address
  6. Finally you can write a comment, and click the button “Transfer”.

It is an absolutely free system that allows you to send very heavy files such CBCT SCANS, which usually do not support normal emails.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of our team to help you send the files, thanks for your trust in our clinics.

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