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Send us your case in a simple way through this website by following the steps that we indicate below. The specialist will study your case and our patient coordinator will contact you to provide you with all the information and options available, as well as an estimated budget.

Requesting your budget online is a very simple procedure and the best of all is that you don’t have to leave home! We are delighted to receive and evaluate your case.

Simple instructions

Online video consultation

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The Steps

Taking photos

We will tell you how to take 6 simple photographs so that the specialist can study your case and make a diagnosis.

Data fill

We will ask you to fill in a form with the necessary information to fill out your file and to be able to contact us to offer you the best dental solution for your case.

Sending documents

You will send us through our web platform the photos taken in the first step and any additional material that you can provide us.

Taking photos

Front teeth

Bite, clench your teeth and smile as much as you can. Use your fingers as in the photo to show as much as possible.

Right Side

Turn your head to show the right side, use your right hand to help show as much as you can.

Left Side

Turn your head to show the left side, use your left hand to help show as much as you can.

Top teeth

Position your head up and open your mouth as much as you can to show us all your top teeth. Use your fingers if necessary.

Bottom Teeth

Position your head down and open your mouth as much as you can to show us all your bottom teeth. Use your fingers if necessary.

Natural Smile

Hold your head straight. Look at the camera with a big smile, pronouncing an “e” sound to have some separation between teeth.

Data Fill

Fill in the following fields to evaluate your case, if you have any questions or problems contact +34 627 527 005 our patient coordinator will assist you. You can also send your images via WhatsApp to the same phone.



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