Unhappy with your gummy smile?

If you feel self-conscious about your gum line, there are ways to change it. Gum contouring, also known as gingival sculpting or gingivoplasty, is one of the options that can help reshape your gum line.

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Your Smile will look wider, brighter, and healthier.

Oral Health

Cosmetic Needs

Restorative Procedures

Oral Health

Getting a Gum Contouring treatment reduces the appearance of cavities and other periodontal problems and helps keep teeth healthy for longer.

Cosmetic Needs

This procedure creates an even, bright smile. The dental cosmetic specialist shapes the smile, leaving it clear and natural.

Restorative Procedures

Gum contouring often accompanies veneers. Before a patient receives dental veneers, it may make sense to contour the gums so the veneer can rest effectively on the entire tooth.


Recontouring Treatment

Gum contouring alone is considered a cosmetic procedure. Most of the time it is not medically necessary. Most people have their gums reshaped to improve the appearance of their smile. However, some people undergo gum contouring surgery as part of other necessary periodontal procedures, such as crown lengthening, pocket reduction, and regenerative procedures.

A local anesthetic may be applied to the area. Sometimes, bone at the front of the tooth’s root must also be removed during gum contouring to get the best long-term results.

Coronary Lengthening

It is an operation whose purpose is to contour the gum and the bone that are around one or more teeth, allowing to increase the length of the crown.

During the intervention, the specialist removes the gum and lowers the bone by the appropriate millimeters according to each case to achieve the desired aesthetics. The entire bone surface is not lowered, but only in the area where coronary lengthening is necessary. Once the intervention has been carried out, the gum is sutured.


Gum Contouring before & after

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