Digital Zirconium Smile

The best full arch implant solution


Dr Eduardo Crooke is a specialist with more than 15 years’ experience in digital zirconia smile.

This is the result of years of investigation and testing to bring you the best solution there is on the market for replacing your dentures or your acrylic teeth.

Zirconia Dental Implants – What are they?

The Zirconia dental implants are made from the oxidised powder of pure Zircon to create non-metallic dental implants. They are considered to share the benefits of the traditional Titanium dental implants but are ideal if you’re looking to restore your smile and to achieve the most natural results.

Unlike other dental procedures, the Zirconia dental implants provide a permanent solution for replacing teeth that are missing or damaged.

A Proven Procedure

It uses the most modern technology at one single location.  We pride ourselves in our work, using minimally invasive dentistry like computer guided surgery that brings little discomfort and a fast post operation recovery.

Our clinics are equipped with 3D scans and state of the art software programs for the best diagnosis and treatment planning, a team of dental implant specialists and a modern laboratory with precision milled CAD CAM technology working solely for the clinic to deliver the fastest results for our patients.

The Best Materials

Our dental implants are Nobel Biocare, the leading company in the world with extensive research background and our crowns or full arch restorations are made with a solid block of monolithic zirconia, the best material on the market today in prosthodontics.  Zirconia does not chip or fracture, it has high resistance and stability and it’s very easy to clean because of the non-porosity of its surface. It is the material that best simulates the natural tooth.

Thanks to these materials, our digital procedure and our group of dental implant specialists, we are able to offer to our patients our full mouth restoration solution: digital zirconia smile with less chair time than conventional dental implant treatment.

How does Zirconia compare to Titanium?

One of the most obvious differences between Zirconia and Titanium is the colour. Titanium is a silver metal where Zirconia is white.

The Digital Zirconium Smile is ideal for allergens because it’s non-metallic and offers no incompatibilities, however, studies have shown that 4% of patients are allergic to Titanium.

Although Titanium implants are resistant to corrosion, they are not totally inert. The implants used for Digital Zirconium Smile offer good biocompatibility and are aesthetically pleasing.

The Benefits of Digital Zirconium Smile

In offering Digital Zirconium Smile treatment, we provide you with the same level of stability and comfort as traditional dental implants, however, the Zirconia dental implants tend to be more favourable than dentures and dental bridges.

The procedure of Digital Zirconium Smile enables you to replace missing teeth and because the Zirconia dental implants are white in colour, they are less obvious meaning that they blend perfectly with the rest of your teeth. Our Digital Zirconium Smile offers an aesthetic advantage and requires no special maintenance, making it somewhat more convenient for you.

Here are some of the main benefits of the Zirconia dental implants:

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Personalised Smiles

Thanks to our technology you can be part of the smile design. We are able to show you the result before we start treatment and you can decide with the help of our team of experts a smile that would make you happy and it’s the right one for you.

A Permanent Solution

Our digital zirconia smile is anchored in 6 to 8 dental implants and it never needs to be taken out. It is a very long lasting solution not only thanks to its materials and the expertise of our specialists but because of the weak point’s simulation software that all of our digital zirconia smile solutions go through.

Fixed Teeth From Day One

In most cases we are able to place the whole set of teeth immediately after dental implant surgery. The material of this set of teeth isn’t zirconia, its PMMA. This immediate functionality with fixed teeth adds comfort for the patient during the bone integration period of at least three months. The final digital zirconia smile will be ready after this integration has finished making this solution a 2 visit dental treatment.

Is Zirconium The Right Solution For You?

After you lose a tooth, the bone and the gum start to receed. Initially, digital zirconia smile is indicated for patients with enough bone density but we have techniques and solutions for every type of patient, included those that are completely boneless. We can find the right solution for you with a first consultation free of charge.

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